Of Change

Do you choose to ride, or
BE the Wave of Change?


VANGOGH/starry night/hoodie/maral mahlouji/van gogh hoodie/



Phobia 3

What do you scare of?

House number 4

Gate of tehran


Every color has an emotional meaning

T-shirt as an art piece (part 4)

In collaboration with amin manian

T-shirt as an art piece (part 3)

In collaboration with mahrokh jafari
why falling in love gives you butterflies/tshirt/t-shirt design/t-shirt idea/love/love t-shirt/maral mahlouji/

Why falling in love gives you butterflies

It's a poetic image

T-shirt as an art piece (part 2)

Saba nadinia

Dinosaur with mask

Whale with mask

Three main colors


Lunar tune

It means like the moon

Hoodie with facemask

Covid 19's Idea
T-shirt/maral mahlouji /fox tshirt

T-shirt as an art piece (part 1)

In collaboration with 8 illustrator
he and his friends/maral mahlouji/o va dustanash/او و دوستانش/tshirt

He and his friends

Beside the moon Album

Whale collection

Do you know How big are whales?
origami/T-shirt idea/T-shirt design/maral mahlouji/Covid 19

origami T-shirt

Covid 19's Idea
مزمن،رض/mozmen/rezchro/maral mahlouji/T-shirt/tshirtdesign


آلبوم مزمن رض
keith haring/tshirt/t-shirt design/fashion design/street style/street wear/maral mahlouji/T-shirt idea

In memory of keith haring

hoodie/winter/street style/street wear/maral mahlouji/


Make your life shines

two color hoodie

what color will you choose?
Hug cafe gallery/cafe uniform

Hug cafe gallery

Design for hug cafe

Jurassic park

pick your dinosaur In collaboration with erphan malek

jaryan mag

Jaryan magazine


which roaches do you choose?

Foxy and Octopus

In collaboration with Erphan malek
Rainbow/tshirt/maral mahlouji/maral mahlouji design/street wear


Fill your life with colours

Phobia 2

What thing does scare you the most?
Art/maral mahlouji/maral mahlouji design/clothes/limited edition/street style/jelly fish/yellow clothes/fashion design/new fashion/honesty


being honest is the most important behavior you can choose

Phobia 1

Phobia part one

Animal planet

This is an animal planet.Don't forget the Animals we are living along side....

Famous Paintings

It's piece of art

Collaboration with Maryam azizi

Hand drawing on canvas

Why Falling in LOVE gives you Butterflies

have you been in love?

when pop art meets iris flower

It's about pop art

Of Change

Do you choose to ride, or
BE the Wave of Change?

What you wear is how you present yourself to the world, especially today, when human contacts are so quick. Fashion is instant language. -Miuccia Prada

Of Change

Do you choose to ride, or
BE the Wave of Change?